Aquatilia Ibn Intermezzo

Aquatilia Ibn Intermezzo (Ollie)
Born: 21-07-2018
Contact: Karen Kaptein,

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Hips; A
ECVO; all clear (11-2020), genetic free from prcd-PRA
Complete scissor bite, 1 dislocated tooth
Size; 27 kg and 59cm
Color; Black/White (Ssp, EE, DD)
VWD: clear, prcd-PRA genetically free
MydogDNA available

Ollie is a friendly male with a steady character. Fond of humans and he is social en playful towards other dogs. He has not much interest in hunting. He lives with a family with two teenagers in the Netherlands. He is a lovely sporty family dog.

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KCM2019; Very Good

Uit d’n Reys Hof Gelateria (9-6-2021)