La Dang Angur, Mowgli

Name: Mowgli La Dang Angur (Cooper) 
Date of birth: 25-01-2019 
Country: Nederland 

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Size; 63 cm , weight; 30 kg,
Complete and correct scissor bite
Health results of hips: HD A
ECVO; 04-06-22 all clear

Embark DNA-report (including prcd-PRA, dilution) available. All clear.

Cooper is a very smart, athletic easy going male. Likes to go for long walks and play outside, inside the house really calm. Friendly to (small) children and people but only enthusiastic if he knows them. Not a guard dog at all, he rarely barks. Loves to be with his family but we can leave him alone in the house for a couple of hours without problems. Friendly to all animals large and small. Loves the water, but does not like to swim. No hunting skills or interest. As a matter of fact he is not interested in game (and we live near the forests so we often meet dears/boars/rabbits etc.)
He does like to play hide & seek with the children in the forest, but is not particular good at it. I think he would do good in agility because he likes to walk over fallen trees, jump over things when we ask him etc. ,but we never really tried it with a club. 

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KCM 2019, Excellent, 3e place (Youth class) 
KCM 2021 Very Well (Open class) 
KCM 2022 Excellent (Open class)

German certificate for gunshot steadiness

19-01-2023, Pompea di Casa Odina (5f & 5m)