Von den Tiroleralpen Brandon

Name: Brandon von den Tiroleralpen (Seppel)
Born: 03-10-2019
Contact: Thomas Tingelhoff
Email: Thomas.Tingelhoff@t-online.de 
Website: www.therapiehunde-altenbeken.de

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Hips: A/A
Size: 23kg and 58cm
Color: Black-White , D-Lokus N/N
prcd-PRA: N/PRA(B)
Laboklin DNA available

Seppel is a real outdoorsman who is always and everywhere want to be there. He is addicted to cuddles and playful. He loves children and is open and friendly towards everyone. He likes to watch and is a huge motivator. Seppel enjoys working with children and sick people. He likes to be outside in nature. He loves to track down and retrieve objects and is available in every situation. Seppel impresses with its unusual appearance and has a very high recognition value. With his friendly manner he opens people’s hearts.

Form and hair value excellent (VBBFL)
Club system test passed spring and autumn (VBBFL)
Trained and certified therapy dog ​​in 2021