Helec’s Blyger Af Jukon

Name: Helec’s Blyger Af Jukon (Balou)
Born: 4-12-2019
Owner: Corinne Lotz
Contact: Helena Carlsson (Breeder)
Mail: haxe70@gmail.com

Hips: A/A (Hip index Swedish register; 110)
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Not checked yet. Will do if asked about using him.
Size: 22 kilogram and 58 cm high. 

Balou is a lively and happy dog. He can be a bit reserved if people approach him too quickly. The owner uses him in her dog classes to show the participants how the steps should be done. He competes in rally obedience at the second highest level.

Been shown three times, everytime with Excellent. 

Mentel test: Passed, with shot.