Splendorki, Darwin Junior Lackie  

Name: Darwin Junior Lackie Splendorki 
Born: 30.03.2020
Contact: Mag. Margit Kleinhansl
Email: margit.kleinhansl@yahoo.de
Country: Austria

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Hips: A/A ED 0/0
vWD: N/N
Prcd-PRA: clear
Size: 61cm, 27 kg
Colour: Sand
D- Lokus N/N
E- Lokus e1/e1
Complete scissors bite 
DNA profile available

Darwin Junior is full of energie outside, but very calm in the house and garden. He is athletic, loves to run, to retrieve and to train. Darwin Junior is the best family dog ever because he simply loves everyone.

VAP Spring and autumn 129/140
Showresults: V1, CAC, Res. CACIB International Champion, Austrian Champion, Gardawinner , 2x Danube Winner