Van Horssens Heerlijkheid Elv Dinkel

Name: Van Horssens Heerlijkheid Elv Dinkel (Cody)
Born: 18-10-2019
Contact: Audrey Agterberg
INSTA: barbet_cody

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Hips: A
Size: 57 cm and 25 kgs
Teeth: Complete scissor bite
Coat: Brown with white markings
PRA – prcd : genetically free
VWD Type I : genetically free
ECVO: clear (dec 2021)

Complete scissor bite
Embark DNA profile available

Cody is an intelligent dog with a lust for life. He is curious, friendly, easy going and respectful towards other dogs. He has an excellent nose and is very trainable, he is a diabetes assist dog trained to smell changing blood sugar levels, but above all a lovely and loving family dog.

Instagram: barbet_cody

KCM 2021 – Very good